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Registered Charity: 1148062


Haddenham Library is currently closed. Please see links for information on online and free e-resources.

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Mission Statement

To provide an accessible, welcoming, family-friendly and vibrant modern library fit for the 21st century.

To achieve this mission, HCL intends to offer traditional library services and to engage with the community in order to provide additional services which provide access to information, promote life-long learning and support wellbeing.

In order to achieve this, the trustees will focus on sustainability (financial and human resources), maintain and develop a network of strategic partners and stakeholders, maximise the benefits of highly motivated and well-trained staff and volunteers.

HCL considers its primary customer base resides in the communities represented in Haddenham, Cuddington, Dinton, Gibraltar, Upton, Stone, Ford, Aston Sandford, Kingsey, Hartwell, Bishopstone and Ford.



In support of the Mission Statement the trustees have made the following commitments.


a) offer an accessible, welcoming, family-friendly and vibrant modern library environment


b) manage a space which connects - for public services, community groups and business users and local schools


c) uphold and deliver on the traditional role of public libraries, including free access to books and the internet


d) support learning and literacy and access to all forms of information and knowledge


e) contribute to digital inclusion and digital literacy


f) serve and engage the community and its developing social, cultural and economic needs including strong links with local schools


g) increase participation in cultural and entertainment activity and support creative expression for all ages and backgrounds


h) improve the health and wellbeing of the community, including combatting loneliness and social exclusion in all forms


i) maintain a strong network of strategic partners that ensures we respond to stakeholders


j) maximise the mutual benefits of a team of highly motivated and well-trained staff and volunteers


k) secure the sustainability of the service with the necessary financial and human resources together with supporting infrastructure.