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What you can do.........


You can make direct donations to our library on a one off or a regular basis by dropping in to the library and seeing the Library Manager, who will be pleased to give you the necessary details.


There are also donation boxes on the counter. Every donation counts, no matter how small!


If you represent a corporate donor, or a grant making organisation which may be contemplating a donation to Haddenham Community Library for a specific project or application and would like to discuss details, please contact either the Library Manager or if you prefer the Trustees on:


[email protected]


Gift Aid


Haddenham Community Library is a registered charity and we can claim tax back on your donation (25p for every £1 donated) so you will give us extra benefit by completing our Gift Aid form and dropping it in or sending it with your donation.



Other Donations


Haddenham Community Library is also pleased to accept other donations such as recently published books and magazines which may be seen as useful to the library. We obviously have to vet the age, condition and usefulness of anything offered as a donation prior to accepting it so please do check with library staff. The final decision to accept a donation rests with the Library Manager. Once a donated item has been received it becomes the property of the library and we reserve the right to dispose of it as we see fit.




From time to time the library will organise fundraising events and you can support us by participating on these occasions. Moreover, if you are prepared to organise and run a fundraising event on behalf of the library as a volunteer, we'd be only too happy to hear from you. Please pop in and discuss your ideas with the Library Manager.


Vale Lottery


Haddenham Community Library is signed up to The Vale Lottery, and by buying a ticket you can support the library, and maybe be a winner too!